It me, Mati.

First, don't look at my avatar border color, I'm not necessarily online. My framework doesn't track my online status in real-time. Maybe it could with few tricks but weh, would it be useful?

Then, if you came here to know more about me, well I should tell you that I made this page for this purpose, but, well, I just wrote bullshit here, including this. You may be able to find more serious informations about me somewhere else on this website.

Anyway, I'm supposed to show off a little I think.. Well then, here you are! Getting to know about the obviously fabulous young developer who made this website when he was sad and didn't want to sleep! I made it look better lately — well, only if you don't mind having this as a home page to see or read. Although, one day, this website was displaying « Welcome to my fucking dead website. » and later « Kill me. », with the old design of this website.

Well, that's it for now, see ya later. Send me a letter, if you can.


It very nice! 👌 – website/20